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We can build a database for you.

Please follow in order as listed below.

Step 1a   Download Microsoft Access Runtime, then click Run if you do not have Microsoft Access 2007 or have not already downloaded Microsoft Access Runtime

Step 1b   Download 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS, then click Run if you do not have Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS

Step 2a   Download Seed Update (Seed12c.exe) (Run C:\BA2007\Seed\  click run again,  and then click Browse to C:\BA2007\Seed\ then Click OK, then Click Unzip, yes to overwrite if it ask.


Step 3a   Run Security Ba2007\Seed (Registry)

Step 4a     Download Icon Save to C:\BA2007\


Step 5a  Receive an email Version.accde and save in c:\ba2007\Seed\

Step 5b Receive an email data and save in c:\ba2007\Seed\


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